I was in a unique situation dealing with another property in another state that was time sensitive. Kaziah was very understanding and educational throughout this process. I explained what was needed by my lender (may as well have been speaking Greek) and she knew exactly what they were talking about. Her understanding of the sense of urgency was exceptional. Not only did I create a ton of pressure for her, she was super friendly on the phone every time we spoke. 

The report was extremely detailed and I was truly blown away by how much information she captured in such a short amount of time. It's unfortunate that her area of expertise is in an area that I may not need again for many years. Such a breath of fresh air in a stressful process of purchasing a home.  

Yours truly,

Colby P

I'm very impressed with your ability to get our appraisals done quickly, especially the last order, which was a referral from our company President. Because you got the appraisal done so quickly, we were able to close the purchase within 3 business days. That's a record!

Aaliyah Appraisals really came through. She answered the phone on my first call and scheduled my appraisal for the next business day. By the end of the week I had the finished product at an affordable price. I've had several appraisals done over the years, but this was the most thorough and professional I've seen. I highly recommend her! -Jenna 

Aaliyah is a very knowledgeable and thorough individual. She took her time, asked questions in order to fairly assess the property and answered all my questions to the fullest both pro and con. Her knowledge of the area in which the appraisal took place, the Denver market, and her full report gave me a great overall view of how to move forward on this property. Highly Recommend.  -Enrique M. (Lowry)

5 Stars -Sara T 

Overall great job! -Daron W. 

Keziah is super knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend her services! -William P. 

Truly a pleasure to work with.- Elizabeth M 

Our company had a great experience with Aaliyah Appraisals! She was very responsive, flexible with scheduling and the turn around for the appraisal report was super quick! She is thorough and we would be happy to use her again in the future!-Rachel 

Keziah was everything she said she was. Timely, Friendly and an expert in this area. I only use one other appraiser and now I will use her too.- Justin 

This firm did an excellent job measuring and providing a floor plan sketch of the property under review. Keziah was pleasant, prompt and professional. I was very impressed with the quality and speed in which she completed the effort (about 1hr). I received the completed report the same day the measurements were taken. A very cost effective solution - would definitely use this service again.- John 

I hired Aaliyah to appraise my house in order to get rid of PMI. Aaliyah reached out to me extremely quickly and came over within a week to do the appraisal. Before hiring Aaliyah, I asked if my house would come close to the price we needed to get rid of PMI and Aaliyah did some research and reassured me she didn’t have concerns. She was quick and Knowledgeable with any questions I had. Aaliyah had the report ready by the next day and we were so pleased with the outcome. Aaliyah is professional and a genuine person to work with. Shannon