Sketches, floor plans and measurements to capture your audience


Why would you want to invest in a Sketch, floor plan and/or measurement?
Help your sellers feel confident in the square footage of their home. Bring in more buyers with a sketch that helps them picture living in the property.  Reduce your liability by having the correct advertised square footage. All of this makes for a easier close for your sellers and buyers.

 Help us help you stand out from all the other providers. We want to help you succeed!  

Fee Schedule Only Exterior Measurements Exterior and Interior Measurements

0-1200 sq ft  $100  $120
1201-2000 sq ft $100 $125
2001-3000 sq ft $125 $150
3001-4000 sq ft $150 $170
4001-5000 sq ft $150 $200
5001-6000 sq ft $200 $250

Outbuildings-  $10
Windows by request $30

Features included with the price-
Total square feet
Square feet per level
Finished square feet without basement
Percent of finished basement
Interior dimensions
Kitchen counters
Garage Dimensions
Bathroom Fixtures

*Additional fees may apply for homes over 30 miles, rush jobs or difficulty due to angles other than 45 and 90 degrees. Please feel free to request any other items you wish to be added. 

**This service is not provided in the Colorado Springs or Pueblo areas